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Jul 26, 2018

Dan, Beebs and TQ sit down to discuss the idea of a core minimal skill set that's been floated briefly on previous episodes.

What it is, why it might be important to be aware of, and then go on to talk about the various contexts of their own work and the skills required to pull it all of - musical or otherwise.



Jul 19, 2018

Up this week: Beebs, Smith and Quayle are joined by YouTube educator and jazz guitarist Jens Larsen to talk about the success of his channel and.his musical background.

They then delve into a huge fretboard visualisation discussion that, shock-horror, is not 3nps vs caged...AND stays civil haha!




Jul 12, 2018

This week the boys are joined by super talented Sam Bell to discuss his life as a session guitarist, solo artist, educator and work in the tech metal band Mask of Judas. They wade deeper into the imposter syndrome from last week and Sam talks about some of the issues around his musical identity. Things then circle back...

Jul 5, 2018

This week Dan pulls Beebee out of the theory thunderdome to talk about the 'new' John Coltrane lost album: Both Directions At Once, Beebs' big Fibenare travel news and dealing with imposter synrome as a shy Englishman. They also answer some questions pulled from the discussion group whlist fending off those...