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Mar 27, 2021

This week the Doctor, Beebee and Smith warmly welcome Dream Theater’s keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess! It’s not often a non guitar player joins the fray, but always hugely enjoyable when it happens :D 

Jordan discusses his musical journey, what it was like attending Juilliard aged 9(!), practising, his new solo record...

Mar 25, 2021

We're back! Apologies for the short hiatus. This week Beebs, Quayle, Smith and the Doc dive deep into imposter syndrome, and how it can affect our musical identities as guitar players.
This week's extended Patreon edit has the guys talking about music production, electronic music and options paralysis.
If you...

Mar 1, 2021

Coming off the back of last weeks’ ep, and in the context of Jake’s upcoming JTC Jam of the Month, the guys discuss how to get the ‘perfect’ solo take. The second big discussion is on the importance of jamming and if we’re too biased as guitar players towards it.

This week's Patreon edit sees guys share jam...