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Jul 27, 2023

Hi Guys, sincerest apologies that it's been a while. Some of the chat might be 'out of date' somewhat but it's our takes on the goings on at the time. I hope you enjoy as we dive into Jake's all star Jeff Beck tribute gig and everything that came with it. Including the the gear used... which led us into a big ol'...

Apr 8, 2023

Jake is on a show so the Beebs, Smith, Qualye power pod trio is back. After some meandering intro bants the boys discuss the release of friend of the show Martin Miller's new album, the recent Marshall deal with Swedish company Zzound and go down a rose tinted nostalgia worm hole about retro gear we had in the 90's....

Mar 30, 2023

Back together finally to discuss THAT crazy Nuno Bettencourt solo from the new Extreme track. The guys also chat through what would be the end game boss level difficulty guitar solos to replicate.