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Nov 22, 2018

This week Beebs, Smith and Quayle welcome back YouTube jazz educator Jens Larsen to discuss their approaches to harmonic analysis, chord scale theory and tonal centres.

This episode is not a lesson, much more of a discussion of ideas and gets pretty heavy into the weeds with the considerations of jazz harmony - but we know you guys love this deep nerd stuff!

So grab yourselves a massive coffee, a chart for the standard There Will Never Be Another You (if you want to follow along with some of the back and forth) and smash that play button!

Episode Links & Pictures:

Jens’ Warez

Jens - YouTube

YT Jazz Guitar Insiders Facebook Group

Modern Jazz Guitar Concepts - Jens’ New Book

Useful Links

Tom’s Jazz Harmony Tutorial

Beebee’s Pathways To Jazz Tutorial

The Jazz Theory Book - Levine

Berklee book of Jazz Harmony - Mulholland & Hojnacki

Chord Scale Theory - Graf & Nettles

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